Friday, March 8, 2013

Our Very Own Beginning...and 9 Months Later

If you would have told me 15 months ago that I would be married, about to buy a house, and be the happiest I have ever been on this day, March 8, 2013, I would have never believed you!!!

But 'tis true! And this is our story told by the point of view of me :) Kierstyn! 

And I also love COLOR! So most of my passages will be a bit colorful... So have fun :) 

First let us start with the first date. That's always a fun one to talk about. 

I met Brady through a great girl named Katie Shock. I met this girl in an English Class I had. I would sit at the same table as her and as the semester went on we became friends. One day in November she said, "I want to set you up with my brother in law. He is coming home from his mission next week." 
The funny thing is that I had a missionary I was sort of waiting for coming home the week before so I told her I was not available. She said, "Well, if you ever break up let me know!"

A month later I realized it was not working with this guy and I let Katie know I was single. That weekend, I was set up on a blind date with this guy named Brady. It was a Harry Potter dress up party and we were going to watch 7.1 and 7.2 of the movies. 

He dressed up as Harry and we decided I was Hermione. Honestly, though, the night before I was out with friends until late and only got about 4 hours of sleep. I was EXHAUSTED! So I only saw him as a friend afterwards. I wasn't too interested in going out with him again...Katie fortunately told me to go out with him again because it would be fun! She did a good job convincing me because I did! and it was fun!!! 

I wish I would have gotten a picture of our second date because we camped out in his living room! It was perfect. He took me all the way around the house just to go through the back door to the front room. We set up camp, he turned on nature sounds, and we hung out in the tent. We lit a candle for the fire and roasted Starbursts. MMMM YUM! We played cards, watched funny videos on my iPhone, and just enjoyed each other's company. He had me hooked after that. 

Well after I fell in love with this amazing guy, on March 8th we went to his family's cabin to spend the night there. 

Late Friday night, March 9th, 2012, we snowmobiled up to this hill, which we now refer to as Our Hill, and hiked up over towards the edge where we could see the valley's lights, the stars above, and the full moon. After saying amazing words, being so sweet, and kneeling on one knee, he asked me to be his forever. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to be with him forever! I said yes! We kissed! It was amazing. It was the perfect proposal and I could not ask for a better surprise. 

 This was not the ring he proposed with, he proposed with a ring that he got at the mall so that I could go pick out the ring I wanted. I know some girls who would never want that, but that's what makes me unique I guess!

  It was so late that we were slaphappy that night! On the way home I called my six siblings (not including Jace because he was just a baby), my mother, my father, my cousin Shayla, I just wanted to tell the world about my happiness! Who wouldn't?

My amazing sister in law, Lindy, took our Engagements and Bridals


Those are just some of MANY of our beautiful sister's amazing work! 

Anyway, the day was the best! We were the happiest and here is our marriage all in a huge summary!! 

 July: Met our new best friends, Reed and Chelsea! Amazing people!!
August: Went to Lake Powell for my very first time and learned to Wakeboard from my brother in law, Riley! He was a great teacher!   
December: Decided we want to live in our own house and started searching. 
February: Brady starts an internship at a place where he can enhance his Mechanical Engineering and get more experience. 
March: SOOOOOOO close to closing on our house! 

Of course, we have done SOOO much since then but I'll be having to keep everyone updated. 
Hope you enjoyed this!!